Feedback Management System - Size 10.1 inch : RP - 0301
Model : RP-0301



Feedback Management System

Direct Customer Engagement - Majority of the time, it is hard for management to connect with customers. Snappy Feedback Management System will bring you closer to your customers, and you can directly hear what your customers want to say to you.


Built-in Web Server

Snappy FMS is easy, customizable and reliable. Through the built-in web application, we can easily add and manage the users, survey and feedback contents, scheduling the feedback questions and notification report.


User management

In Snappy FMS, you can create and manage login credentials for each user. And it has option to limit each user accessibility, who can access and what are the functionalities are accessible.


Multi-Language Support

Feedback Management System has the multi-language support. As per configuration feedback content screen should show with configured language. End user can choose them known language tab and they can give the feedback.


Content Management

By using built-in web application, you can manage the feedback contents. System has the predefined attractive templates. You can customize the template background, text size, font and style, images as per your need.


Customizable Survey

Create your own survey with customized form according to the specific requirement relating to the Products and Service offered by your establishment.


Comment & Customer Information Section

Comment section allows your customer to convey personal message or opinion about your product or the service given by you. With the help of this customer information you can figure out them complaints and suggestions.


Reports & Analytics

Snappy FMS reports give you more insight into feedback answer and help you improve the customer experience moving forward. It has easy to use filters that let you segment the important data. You can export the report into the PDF and Excel format as per your need.


Email Alert Notification

Feedback Management System has the option to send Email notification alert for the configured Email ID's at configured time. With the help of notification settings you can filter the needed feedback question and set the notification schedule.


SMS Alert Notification

Feedback Management System has the option to send SMS notification alert for the configured mobile numbers at configured time. As per the configuration selected feedback questions short summarize will be generated and sent to the configured mobile number.


Backup & Restore

As per user configuration user can get the instant backup of the Feedback Management System application data and the customer feedback. You can restore it at any time. In additional, our system has the scheduled backup option.

Technical Specifications

CPU Quad Core ARM A9 Android 4.2
Flash Disk 8GB eMMC
Power +24V DC adaptor
Display Type 160*32 Graphic LCD
UXGA CMOS Compact Camera 2MP



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