Ticket Dispenser QMS Server with Ticket Dispenser - Desktop - Size 14 inch
Model : J07 Standard Edition Model : J07-SE-TDStandard Edition with Ticket Dispenser, Model : J07-SE-TDStandard Edition with Ticket Dispenser,
Model : J07-SE-TD-SMSStandard Edition Ticket Dispenser with SMS Module, Model : J07-PE-MSR Professional Edition with Ticket Dispenser,
Model : J07-PE-MSR-SMSProfessional Edition Ticket Dispenser with SMS Module


Ticket Dispenser

Easy, Customizable and Reliable based on user’s requirement. Interactive graphical user interface with touch screen. Our Ticket dispenser come with touch screen and it’s easy to customize for adding n number of services and able to add sub-services. Customer can easily communicate with Ticket dispenser and get the ticket information by their own.

Thermal Ticket Printer

Customized message can be printed on the queue ticket with name of organization, category of services, previously waiting token number, approximate waiting time, contact number and date & time. High quality thermal printer, the printed ticket size is 80 mm.

Service Selection

We offering the Ticket Dispenser with touch screen it allows the customer to interact with ticket dispenser in their desired way to choose single service or multiple services or multi-level services. Our Ticket Dispenser have easy customized software allows customer can choose their services without need a technical person guidance.

QMS Server Configuration Settings

Ticket contents are configurable and it has the option to define the size of the Font. Ticket series are custom configurable and user can add the Ticket prefix based on Service.

Multi-Language Support

Customer can select their preferred language for easy to communicate with Ticket dispenser and can get the printed ticket with selected language.

Device Feature

  • 2GB RAM, 4GB ROM, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Vertical and Horizontal orientation, HDMI, AV output, Micro SD Card, USB

SMS Integration

It is an optional feature. It gives you facility to automatically notify your customers when their service turn approaches. Receiving the alert on their mobile phones via SMS on their configured time, customers can immediately return to your premises, waiting to be called.

Magnetic Stripe Reader

We offering the Ticket Dispenser with magnetic card reader to prioritize your valued customers so they wait less in queue, without frustrating regular customers. And allow to our client provide priority level token number. It improves the level of service, enables focused improvement for specific customer segments and services, it is only for Professional Edition.

Priority Customer Handling

Based on the Magnetic Stripe Reader cards (Visa, Master, Amex, etc.,) you can prioritize your customers. As per your prioritization, your valuable customer will be served by our system in efficient way.

Technical Specifications

CPU RK3188 Quad Core
Frequency 1.8GHZ
Memory 2GB
Flash 4GB iNanoGB
Storage Maximum 32G
OS Andriod 4.4
Display 14*(1920*1280)
Touch Screen Capability multi-touch
Speaker Stereo 2W
Indicator Light Programmable orange and blue
3G Optional embedded WCDMA 3G
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.1 b/g/n
Power Supply DC 5V/24V Dual voltage input
Ports 3X USB 1X RS232 1X LAN 1X RJ11
Printer 80mm Thermal printer
Bluetooth 2.1 & 4.0 Support
Speed 200mm/s
Printing Span 200KM
Sensor Out of paper, Open the cover
Cutting Times 2 millon times
Cutting Way Half cut / Full cut



Catalog : J07 Series J07-SE-TD

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